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SUN 7/28

3457 Hendershot Rd Binbrook, Ontario

Rodmasters Car Club

SAT 8/3

Norfolk County Fair Grounds

Summer Showdown 10

SUN 8/25

630 Trinity Rd, Ancaster, Ontario

Ancaster Wedding Show

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The Perfect Vows

Jan 1st, 2019

Succinct but eloquent:

“You were my reason back then, my reason now, my reason every day. You strengthen my weaknesses, bring focus to my dreams. Here and now I pledge my life to yours, that your dreams become my dreams. No matter where life leads me, I know that as long as you are there, that is where I am meant to be.” – iammisanthrope

One from Albert Einstein:

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.”

The vow to stand side-by-side:

“If you grow weak, I’ll be there to fight your battle for you. I’ll help you with your responsibilities and make your problems my own in order to spread the weight a bit more evenly.

What it takes to be a Great DJ

June 10th, 2019

Supplying musical lubrication for a multi-generational crowd requires a different skill set than any other type of DJing, so you have to learn the secrets that make grandmas dance like millennial's and millennial's dance like grandmas.  DJs get off on the deep cuts, but weddings aren't the place for B-sides (or for DJs getting off, really). Even slightly less popular songs by famous artists will fall flat, so you can't count on Michael Jackson's “Wanna Be Startin' Something” to actually start anything. It can be hard to find common ground between an 8-year-old kid and an 80-year-old aunt, but these intersections are the surest of wedding sure shots. "Gold Digger" is a perfect example because it features a Ray Charles sample for the older folks and the younger crowd would enjoy the vocals from that guy who knocked up Kim Kardashian. It's just as important to keep an eye on the wallflowers as the party animals. If there's one demographic that's not having fun, it's a DJ's responsibility to pull them onto the dance floor by any means necessary.

Photographer who?

Oct, 14th, 2018




the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Why do people get married?

April, 15th, 2018

Two people standing before family and friends professing their love and commitment to one another are surrounded by wedding symbols: from the color of the bridal gown to the throwing of rice, weddings are rich in heritage and tradition.

Learn the familiar and discover the little-known facts about the various rituals that surround marrying couples.

Let the doves fly as the clock hands moves upward to the hour – all with historical wedding symbols.

The Rings

Probably the most obvious of all marriage symbols, the engagement ring and the wedding band represent commitment and the faithful love two people share. The circle, an international symbol of marriage, represents infinity or everlasting love.

And why the diamond? The goddess of love, Venus, and the diamond share a common bond: when the planet Venus shows in the night sky, it appears like a fire from within. Diamonds exhibit the same quality of sparkling from a mysterious point within. The ancients called diamonds “Venus stones,” and today the diamond has become a symbol of betrothal, romance and mystery.

Have you ever wondered why wedding bands are worn on the left hand ring finger? During ancient times, it was believed that the third finger on the left hand held a vein that ran directly to the heart. Putting a ring on this finger was to keep the love within, never allowing it to flow out from the finger. Not all cultures wear a wedding ring on the left hand, but starting with King Edward VI in 1549, placing the wedding band on the left hand become a tradition among English-speaking people.

The Color White

Pure, virginal, and innocent defines the color white, making it asymbolic choice for a bride to wear at her nuptials. The color white, however, is a recent tradition.

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